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Artificial intelligence in Biometrics – Current Uses & Applications

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AI give a new life to pictures of Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekananda & others…

 By Vaishnavi Iyer Recently, a Twitter user gave life to pictures of Indian historic figures like Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekananda, Munshi Premchand and others by using an AI tool called ‘Deep Nostalgia’. 'Deep Nostalgia' is an artificial intelligence tool, released by genealogy website MyHeritage, which creates facial animations and fits them to the framework of still photographs, animating them in the process. Quoting verbatim from the MyHeritage blogpost-   “This feature brings your old family photos to life on a whole new level”. Post its launch, photos animated using Deep Nostalgia became all the rage on social media, instantly fascinating many netizens. Soon enough, it amassed enough attention to grow to trending status online. Different Twitter users used the tool in different ways; some added facial expressions and animations like blinking and smiling to photographs of loved ones, others applied the technology to historic pics. Keerthik Sasidharan, one of the use

Advertising Management System(AMS) and it’s extensive use in today’s world

By Brian Rodrigues The solution to Broad Marketing A wide range of screens and monitors like kiosks are placed across various places to show different kinds of advertisements, banners and news. Notice, the board framework project is a finished online answer for promoters who need to publicize their items on vast media or sites. Promotion of the board framework project is created utilizing a host and worker. This venture is created for the clients who need to deal with their online commercial from one or multiple spots. This site is useful to commercial organization staffs and directors to oversee notices and to see reports of the ads broadcasted across different streams.   This undertaking  generally showcases data and integrates it into a system of AI   using real time data and information. Here you can get DFD and ER center outline of the notice in the executives framework. This task report can be utilized for framework plan, framework improvement and framework testing. It gives data

Transforming Patient Experience - How Prisma’s Healthcare Ecosystem is the way ahead in such turbulent times for the global medical community

By Aishwarya Menon How risky is a routine visit to the hospital? 2021. A whole year has elapsed since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world in its iron-like grip; from the way we live to the way we work, the pandemic has spared no aspect of daily life. The mere thought of going to public places instils fear in many and when the place in concern is a hospital/medical facility, the anxiety exacerbates; it may be an indigestion or a seasonal bout of flu or a horrible toothache that might be troubling you, but there is always a fear of going to the hospital, with people suffering from different ailments visiting it, and hence a risky option. Management efforts by hospitals is the need of the hour to help allay the fears of patients, so that everyone can have access to the healthcare they deserve. Relying on technology and its innovations can provide the much needed helping hand to tackle this issue and resolve many of the pre-existing fears . And one such solution is the Prisma Healthc

An Insight into DEEP LEARNING

 By Brian Rodrigues Deep Learning - What does it mean? Deep learning is the one classification of AI that accentuates preparing the PC about the essential impulses of people. In deep learning, a PC calculation figures out how to perform arrangement undertakings straightforwardly on complex information as pictures, text, or sound. These calculations can achieve cutting edge, state of the art precision, and surprisingly at times, incredible human-level execution. They are prepared with the huge arrangement of marked information and neural organization structures, including numerous layers.   Integration of Deep Learning in real life use- cases   Virtual Assistants : The center usefulness that requires interpreting the discourse and language of the human's discourse, is deep learning. The basic instances of menial helpers are Cortana, Siri, and Alexa. Automated Cars w/o drivers : To explore a self-ruling vehicle, say, a Tesla , one requires a human-like encounter and mastery o

Evolution of Machine Learning and its Re-inforcements...

 By Vaishnavi Iyer AI is a section of Man-made brainpower The objective of Machine Learning(ML) is to comprehend the construction of information and fit that information into models that can be perceived and used by individuals.  In essential registering, calculations are sets of customized guidelines utilized by PCs to figure or tackle issues. AI calculations rather take into account PCs to prepare on information data sources and utilize measurable examination to yield esteems that fall inside a particular reach. Along these lines, AI encourages PCs in building models from the example information to mechanize dynamic cycles dependent on the information inputs gotten. Technologies Assembled Facial Recognition innovation permits online media stages to help clients share their photographs of companion and label them. Optical character recognition (OCR) innovation changes over pictures of text into mobile sort. Proposal motors, controlled by AI, recommend what films or TV programs t


By Aishwarya Menon An Introduction to the World of Deep Learning               W ith several advances made in computer science-related domains like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, each day we see a new solution cropping up to deal with the ever-changing demands of the present world. From home assistance systems to solutions for various organizations, the use of such advanced technology has become indispensable in modern times. In the following article, we will explore how the latest models of neural networks are deployed in the field of Image Recognition. Siamese…Doesn’t the word sound familiar?   So the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Siamese” is conjoined twins, being given this moniker by virtue of being bodily attached to each other and identical in most respects. Ever thought this terminology could be applied to a class of neural networks? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about here. Many of us would have heard of